Driven by Onions

since 1933

Wiskerke Onions delivers the highest quality onions worldwide. Grown on fertile Dutch ground, harvested by the best growers and dried under optimum conditions. We export to more than 125 countries to end up ultimately where it is truly appreciated: on the consumer's plate.

From the Netherlands with love

The quality of the Dutch onion is recognised throughout the world. The Netherlands is a leader in the export of onions. In fact, the onion is one of our country's most important commodities. As the market leader, Wiskerke Onions is responsible for a large share of the export. Our company was established as a small trading business by Jacob Wiskerke in 1933. Over a period of more than 80 years, it has expanded and developed into the innovative onion specialist it is today. And it is where the fourth generation of Wiskerkes is now at the helm, distributing the very best quality onions around the world with that same passion for this wonderful product.

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We export all over the world

As soon as the onions are harvested, they are dried and sorted according to size, colour and quality. Each onion is scanned inside and outside with a special infrared laser. Only the very best onions pass the selection. Containers laden with onions are then shipped to no less than 125 different countries via the ports of Vlissingen, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

To the production process

Products suited to every need

We have always maintained a passion for onions. Onions with fresh, full flavours and a multitude of culinary applications. Wiskerke Onions mainly produces yellow onions, red onions, shallots and garlic. But we also include white onions, pink onions and organic onions in our range. Each and every one optimally dried, carefully selected and efficiently distributed. Whether you require 100-gram nets or 1,000-kilo bags, Wiskerke Onions can provide a suitable packaging solution to meet all your needs, irrespective of how small or large they are.

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In the kitchens of 125 countries

Export volume continues to grow. The Netherlands exports more than 1.2 billion kilos of onions every year. As the market leader, we have a substantial share in this. The reason why there is so much demand is because the Netherlands is the only country that can grow, store and process onions all year round. As a sector, we can easily meet the large volumes for countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas due to the proximity of the ports and our local port in Vlissingen, as well as the competitive rates for container transport.

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