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The hands-on expert in the world of onions.

Sustainable cultivation

Wiskerke Onions delivers the highest-quality, sustainable onions worldwide. Cultivated in fertile soil and harvested by the best farmers.

More than 4,000 hectares

of onion plots in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France

On our way to

100% sustainability

Wiskerke Onions will achieve complete corporate sustainability by 2023. The combination of exchanging residual heat, creating a solar park, solar panels on business buildings and trucks result in a negative CO2 footprint.

875 tonnes

of annual saving of CO2 thanks to use of residual heat


solar panels in a project together with our stakeholders

24 megawatt

total power



Following the harvest, the onions are received at the company for drying and further processing. Following a thorough inspection upon receipt, the onions are sorted based on size and quality and then carefully packaged according to the client’s instructions.

More than 10 types

of onions, shallots and garlic


Wiskerke Onions can provide a packaging solution to meet all your needs, irrespective of how small or large they are.

2000 1500 1000 750 500 300 250 150 100



packages per year


We supply renowned brands that offer high quality and year-round availability.

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Quality control

Our onions are currently sorted according to the most stringent quality requirements. We are working on unique AI technology to enable fully computer-controlled sorting, both internally and externally.

Export & logistics

The Netherlands is an important player in the global food supply. Our sector is the largest exporter by volume worldwide of onions for consumption. Our onions are also exported to more than 125 countries all over the world.

Export to

125 countries

Over 400 containers

on the go with real time data feed

Thousands of kilometers

are annually saved by using the inland port of Vlissingen

And that is how we serve the most sustainable onion.

The most sustainable onion from producer to consumer.


Download here our most up-to-date quality certificates

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Follow our socials for current developments. Our vision is to continue working together to offer beautiful products for a healthy and sustainable world.


Please contact us

Please contact us

Feel free to call us on +31 (0) 113 38 22 10, or complete the form provided below and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

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