Driven by onions - since 1933

Wiskerke Onions delivers the highest quality onions worldwide. Grown on fertile Dutch clay, harvested by the best growers and dried under optimum conditions. We export to more than 95 countries to end up ultimately where it is truly appreciated: on the consumer's plate.


We set high standards for our growers. Without them, we could not fulfil our promise of high quality to our customers. Our products are harvested by the best growers, close to Wiskerke. We support and monitor our onion growers from the first shoots of growth to the harvest. Together with them, we stand for optimum quality, efficiency and sustainability. And, of course, the very best and most delicious onions.

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Building a long-term relationship with our customers, that is what we all want. It also fits in with the character of a family business and provides stability in the supply chain. This is why we work exclusively with only one retail partner and one importer per country. Exclusive partnerships help us to enter into a close, personal relationship with our customers and to specialise in the specific market.

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Our ultimate goal is to enable as many consumers as possible around the world to enjoy the product we are so passionate about! We select the best onions for each country and track the product right to the end user: the consumer. Due to a growing demand for more responsible produce, consumers are increasingly eager to find out precisely where their food comes from. Wiskerke Onions collects all the data that makes this possible.

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