Our products

The onions that Wiskerke Onions supplies are grown, processed and exported under the best conditions. Wiskerke Onions mainly produces yellow onions, red onions, shallots, sweet and pink onions and garlic. Each and every one optimally dried, carefully selected and efficiently distributed for our customers. Quality, from the grower to the supermarket shelf, that is what we guarantee.

Our onions

Every day, lorry loads of sorted onions are transported to Dutch retailers and to ports for further shipping. These onions are of the best quality. We can say this with such certainty because we know our products through and through. We know precisely which soil is best for our onions. And only those onions of the highest quality pass our rigorous selection. Our work is carried out in compliance with stringent quality-control standards, Which also means that our customers can track the origin and product information of each batch through our online quality-control portal.

Our packaging

Wiskerke Onions can provide a packaging solution to meet all your needs, irrespective of how small or large they are. We work with various packaging lines, so that we can handle requests for both small nets and large bulk consignments. We deliver our products in 500-gram nets to 25-kilo bags. And everything in between. All packaging is labelled with a barcode for tracking & tracing. Take advantage of the strong brands we already have in our own portfolio. Or if you would prefer to have your own new label, we would be happy to design packaging with you which meets all your needs.

Continuous insight into origin

In 2014, Wiskerke Onions was the first company in the sector to introduce an ingenious digital system, linked to an app, for ensuring the quality of its onions. The origin and history of each batch of onions can be retrieved through one simple click. And the same applies to the individual container numbers, contents, brands, sizes and prices, documents and invoices. Tracking information also gives insight into the fertilisers and crop protection products used. It is even possible to see a picture of the product as it leaves the facilities.

Quality throughout the supply chain

We can assure you that our products meet the highest standards of quality. We can do so because our work is carried out in compliance with stringent quality-control standards and food-security regulations. And we not only work in accordance with the guidelines set out by Global G.A.P., we also encourage our growers to get certified and assist where necessary with the financing and organisation. In addition, we also support a number of initiatives that contribute in various ways to achieving sustainability.