Everything about onions

Onions provide the flavouring for every meal in the kitchen. The onion belongs to the ‘Allium’ family, which includes leek, garlic and chives. Each onion variety has its own specific physical characteristics and, of course, taste. The red onion has a thin dark reddish-purple peel. Its attractive colouring makes this onion perfect for salads.

The flavour of the red onion is slightly less pungent than that of the most well-known variety: the yellow onion. Once this onion has been fried, its flavour becomes a lot sweeter. The yellow onion can be used in almost any dish and is especially recommended with poultry, roasted meat or in a casserole. The shallot is similar in taste to the red onion: slightly sweet with a bit of sharpness. Only a little less pungent. It is perfect for oil-based sauces or as a garnish.

Dutch onions are shipped around the world

The Netherlands is the perfect country for growing onions. This is partly due to the optimum temperature and hours of sunlight found here. The Netherlands is the only country that is able to deliver delicious fresh onions all year round, because we can store them perfectly fresh from the field. Wiskerke Onions delivers its produce throughout the world. We have been growing, processing and exporting onions for more than 80 years. In all shapes and sizes. They are grown on fertile Dutch clay and sandy soil and are harvested by the best growers. Our onions are transported and shipped to no less than 95 countries around the world.

Onions are healthy

Onions not only add a lot of flavour to recipes, they are also extremely healthy! Onions contain vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on your health.

Moreover, onions add fantastic flavour to your dish! As soon as an onion is fried, everyone in the house says that it smells delicious! And the culinary applications are endless. You can briefly fry an onion in the pan, eat it raw with a salad or with herring. But it can also be baked, stewed, roasted in the oven, deep-fried or made into a hearty soup. Need inspiration? Check out our original recipes.

Know what you eat

Before the onion is dished up on your plate, it has already come a long way. So it is hardly surprising that you would like to know more about the journey it has made. Due to a growing demand for more responsible produce, many people are eager to find out precisely where their food comes from. Our importers, the supermarket where you buy your products, possess all the information about the origin and history of our onions. In this way, they can see precisely where the onion that you are eating was grown, who the grower was and which journey it made to get to you.