About us

Our vision

Wiskerke Onions is an important player in onion processing and the export of onions. It is something we are rightly proud of. But perhaps we are even prouder of the fact that everything in our company is aimed at ensuring that, through our customers, only onions of the highest quality end up on the plates of consumers. Only the best onions, shallots and garlic pass our stringent quality controls. A deep-rooted passion for our products, keen business acumen and innovative automation solutions are the ingredients for the success of Wiskerke Onions.

Our company

Wiskerke Onions is specialised in the processing, packaging and distribution of a wide range of onions. We are a well-founded family business that has been passed down through the generations since 1933. This means that the wealth of knowledge and expertise remains incorporated within the company. Chayenne is the fourth generation of the Wiskerke family to be in charge of the day-to-day management of Wiskerke Onions. “The great thing about this business is that it never stops. Onions will always be eaten everywhere.”

Our history

The history of Wiskerke Onions tells the story of a strong family business, rooted in the clay soil of the rural province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. Over a period of 80 years, we have grown from a small trading company in onions and potatoes into the international onion specialist of today, currently employing 75 employees. When Jacob Wiskerke, the founder, named the company at the time, he called it ‘Onion and potato trader’, because it originally specialised in several product groups. Although much has changed since then, our business spirit has remained undiminished.

‘In four generations, from a local trading company to a global player’

Just onions

Two generations later, our company looks very different. The pioneering years are now behind us and the middlemen have been removed. Since then, Wiskerke Onions has focused exclusively on a single product group: onions, in all conceivable varieties, but especially the well-known yellow onion, pungent and sweet onions and subtle shallots. Later on, garlic was added to the list.

Smart automation solutions

A generation later, our company underwent an explosive growth and we started to focus on further professionalisation and investment in smart automation solutions. These include our optical grader with infrared cameras and laser technology. In this way, we have continued to expand, step by step and country by country. From Kruiningen in Zeeland, we now export to about 95 different countries around the world.

Our future

We see our future as a continuation of the course we have set out, while ensuring our sector becomes more sustainable and efficient. Better does not necessarily equate to more. Growth is a nice bonus, but our focus is primarily aimed at creating synergies: sharing knowledge and experience to enable us to work together with our partners in providing solutions that collectively benefit our sector and everyone who is active in it.

Initiating sustainable projects

The investment in new graders in the coming years will ensure Wiskerke can continue to guarantee the quality of the onion. Together with other companies, we will also be looking into creating synergies in energy and transport. We want to be recognised as a sustainable company and for taking responsibility in the supply chain.

Re-use of residual heat

One such project is the re-use of residual heat. Our intensive business processes require a large amount of energy. We have therefore sought collaboration with our neighbours Lamb Weston / Meijer. Wiskerke Onions will use the residual heat from this potato-processing company for the drying process of the onions and to generate heating for the company. The savings in natural gas and the reduction in CO2 for both companies will be significant.